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Sony® Click to DVD® Software Update for Sony VAIO PCV-RS613GY Windows XP

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This utility installs an updated version of the Click to DVD® software to resolve the following issues:
  • Cannot preview a DVD when an imported movie clip is divided, and a title is added to the second movie clip.
  • Unable to preview a movie that contains more than 100 movie files.
  • Only the first music file will play while previewing a Slide Show.
  • Fails to create a DVD Menu, if the DVD Menu contains many slide shows.
  • The "CtoDvd.exe Process" continues running after the Preparing Preview process ends.
  • Click to DVD software displays "completed creating DVD" although it fails to format the media.
  • Frames are dropped while capturing video from a DV camcorder.
  • Playback pauses slightly between clips when playing a created DVD movie.
  • The "Save Project File" location is created on an external USB device instead of the C: drive.
  • Preview DVD stops at a slideshow if the slideshow setting "Display time for each picture" is greater than 14 seconds.
  • Click to DVD software stops responding if it is closed while capturing from analog sources in Edit Mode.
  • Titles and movie clips disappear when editing the title text and settings of a saved project file.
  • Movies do not preview in the Edit Movie screen after capturing from a DV camera in CAMERA mode.
  • DVD creation fails when mixing movies with 2 channel audio and 4 channel audio (from sources such as the Sony DCR-HC1000 camera).

This update adds the following features:

  • Support for DVD+R Double Layer Media. Requires DVD+R DLM capable drive.
  • VR Mode to capture and create a DVD from an Analog Video Device, on computers with the preinstalled VAIO Zone™ Software, or Windows XP Media Center.
  • Support for the HDV Camcorder (create DVD/HD Disc). This feature requires a computer with the following minimum requirements:
    • Intel® Pentium 4 2.8GHz CPU
    • 512 MB RAM memory
    • External graphics card. (ATI® or nVidia® graphics card is recommended.)

Sony VAIO PCV-RS613GY Windows XP drivers

  1. Adobe® Software - Adobe® Gamma Loader Shortcut Correction Patch - [Detail]
  2. BIOS - AMIBIOS® Update Utility - [Detail]
  3. CD/DVD Drives - Hitachi® GDR-8162B DVD-ROM Drive Firmware Update Utility - [Detail]
  4. CD/DVD Drives - Hitachi-LG® DVD-RW Firmware Update Utility - [Detail]
  5. CD/DVD Drives - Pioneer® DVR-107DVA DVD±RW Drive Firmware Update - [Detail]
  6. CD/DVD Drives - Sony® Registry Update for CD/DVD Drives - [Detail]
  7. Click to DVD® - Sony® Click to DVD® Software Update - [Detail]
  8. Click to DVD® - Sony® Click to DVD® Update - [Detail]
  9. DVgate® Software - Sony® DVgate Plus™ Update Utility - [Detail]
  10. LocationFree™ Player for PC software - Sony® LocationFree® Player for PC Upgrade - [Detail]
  11. MPEG - Sony® MPEG Realtime Encoder Board Driver - [Detail]
  12. Network - Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection Driver - [Detail]
  13. Recovery (System and Application) - Sony® VAIO® Recovery Wizard Update - [Detail]
  14. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage® Software - [Detail]
  15. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage® Software Security Update - [Detail]
  16. Sony Applications (various) - Sony® VAIO® Slit Screen Saver Program - [Detail]
  17. System Components - Sony® Shared Library Utility - [Detail]
  18. VAIO Media Software - SONY® VAIO Media™ Integrated Server Update Utility - [Detail]
  19. VAIO Media Software - SONY® VAIO Media™ Patch - [Detail]
  20. Video - ATI Radeon® 9200 Graphics Controller Driver - [Detail]
  21. Windows® Operating System - The Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System QFE KB826959 - [Detail]
  22. Wireless - VGF-WA1 Wireless Adapter Manager Update - [Detail]

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