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SonicStage™ Application Update Utility for Sony VAIO PCG-FXA36 Windows XP

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    1.0.06 & 1.0.07
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    24.07 MB
This utility updates the SonicStage™ application and resolves the following issues:
  • An error occurs when checking files in or out to a NetMD™ Walkman player/recorder after the computer resumes from Hibernation mode.
  • A track number is added to the title when checking out music, that is not ATRAC3™ formatted.
  • The CD recording with "Play and Record CD" future, CD playing stops at first track.
  • When importing audio files from the root directory of the hard drive (example C:\), one file will not get imported.
  • When importing a group of files, some MP3 files may not get imported.
  • When listening to an ASF stream many times via Internet View, the application terminates unexpectedly.
  • Folder names in the tree view of the Import tab are sometimes cut off.
  • Up and Down menu does not work for Net MD™ contents list.
  • An imported OMG file included in backup data of the hard disk, is deleted when the backup is recovered.

Sony VAIO PCG-FXA36 Windows XP drivers

  1. Adobe® Software - VAIO® Edit Components LE Plug-in - [Detail]
  2. Anti-Virus Software - Trend Micro™ PC-cillin™ 2000 Anti-Virus Application Update - [Detail]
  3. Audio (Sound) - Sound Patch - [Detail]
  4. BIOS - BIOS Installation Utility - [Detail]
  5. Bluetooth® Wireless - Sony® VAIO® USB Bluetooth® Adapter Registry Patch - [Detail]
  6. CD/DVD Drives - Sony® Registry Update for CD/DVD Drives - [Detail]
  7. Camera - Sony® PCGA-UVC10 USB Camera Driver - [Detail]
  8. LCD - Sony® LCD Monitor Driver - [Detail]
  9. LocationFree™ Player for PC software - Sony® LocationFree® Player for PC Upgrade - [Detail]
  10. Microsoft® Office Applications - Microsoft® Word® 2002 Registry Update Utility - [Detail]
  11. Microsoft® Office Applications - Unable to Install Microsoft® Office 2000 Under Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition or Professional Operating Systems - [Detail]
  12. Microsoft® Office Applications - Unable to Register Microsoft® Office® XP Online After Reinstalling the Program From the Application Recovery CD - [Detail]
  13. Modem - Conexant® Modem Registry Patch Utility - [Detail]
  14. Modem - Conexant-Ambit SoftK56 Data/Fax Modem Driver Utility - [Detail]
  15. Modem - Conexant-Ambit® SoftK56 Data/Fax Modem Driver - [Detail]
  16. Mouse - Sony® USB Mouse Driver - [Detail]
  17. MovieShaker™ - Sony® MovieShaker™ Update Utility - [Detail]
  18. PC Card - Sony® CardBus ATA PC Card Driver for the PCGA-CDRW51, PCGA-CDRW52 and PCGA-DVD51 External Optical Drives - [Detail]
  19. PictureGear™ Software - Sony® PictureGear™ Software Slide Show Update - [Detail]
  20. Power Management - AMD® K7 Processor Driver Utility - [Detail]
  21. RealOne Player/RealPlayer Software - RealNetworks® RealPlayer® Security Update Notice - [Detail]
  22. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage® Software - [Detail]
  23. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage® Software Security Update - [Detail]
  24. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage™ Application Update Utility - [Detail]
  25. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage™ CD-R Writing Module Update Utility - [Detail]
  26. SonicStage® Software - SonicStage™ Patch Installation Utility - [Detail]
  27. System Components - Sony UI Library - [Detail]
  28. Touchpad - Alps Pointing Device (Touchpad) Driver And Control Utility - [Detail]
  29. Touchpad - Sony® Alps Pointing Device (Touchpad) Driver - [Detail]
  30. Video - ATI® Rage Mobility-M1 AGP Graphics Controller Driver Utility - [Detail]
  31. WinDVD® Software - InterVideo® WinDVD™ Overlay Update - [Detail]
  32. Windows® Operating System - Data or Program Settings May Be Lost After Upgrading to the Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Operating System(Microsoft Support Knowledge Base article ID: Q312368) - [Detail]
  33. Windows® Operating System - Microsoft® QFE (Q833228) Update Utility - [Detail]
  34. Windows® Operating System - Microsoft® WordPad Registry Update Utility - [Detail]
  35. Windows® Operating System - The Computer Freezes at "Saving your settings" When Trying to Shut Down - [Detail]
  36. Windows® Operating System - The Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System QFE KB822827 - [Detail]
  37. Wireless - VGF-WA1 Wireless Adapter Manager Update - [Detail]

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